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I like to remember every page I browse

Hyperbook - Remember every web page you browse

  • We read hundreds of web pages everyday. Keeping track of the pages that are relevant to you can be time consuming. Where did that awesome web page go? The one you were reading just few days back
  • .... is it there somewhere in your Bookmarks
  • .... or in your Email or favorited on social media
  • .... or do you have to Search again through Google
  • .... or is it in your bookmarking app or feed reader
  • Never forget any web page again
  • See our blog for more info or a demo page of hyperbook or Slides

Imagine a browser that remembers everything for you

... presenting you the right information at the right time. Hyperbook is an intelligent browser companion that remembers all the information for you and helps you to search,organize, share information

  • Search

    Search using keywords and tags. Locate right information at the right time

  • Organize

    Folders and Tags are automatically assigned. You can schedule your reading list or view your timeline

  • Share

    Hyperbook allows to quickly share information with your network. You can also share to social media

See our blog for more info or a demo page of hyperbook or Slides

Reviews of Hyperbook

We got great reviews from LaunchingNext, Master New Media, BetaPage, New-Startups. Hyperbook enables you to get right information at the right time

An intelligent browser companion

Hyperbook is a browser extension that organizes information automatically as you browse. What if all the information you ever come across online is available when you need them the most.

Hyperbook in action

Watch this video or see the blog article

Installing Hyperbook

Hyperbook is available on chrome store Currently available only for chrome browsers. To install Hyperbook in your chrome browser, click on Add to chrome button. Installs within few seconds.

Adding pages to Hyperbook

Whenever you come across some interesting pages on internet, you can click on the popup icon next to the address bar. The popup window gives quick preview (image + description) of the website. You can also add notes via the popup

Accessing your personal Hyperbook

All your information is private and accessible only by you. Your personal hyperbook can be accessed by right clicking the Hyperbook popup icon and choosing options

Publishing your Hyperbook

If you choose , you can share some of the information as public hyperbook, for others to view. Your public hyperbook can be accessed at http://getbook.co/profile-name

Our awesome features

Hyperbook brings a new thought to managing your online information. We provide fast and easy to search, organize and visualize all your information.

  • Information organizer

    The amount of digital information available online can be overwhelming. Our online information is distributed across notes, bookmarks, files on cloud, and social networks. Hyperbook helps you organize all this information at a single place.

  • Right Information at the right time

    Information is useful only when it is available at the right time. Hyperbook keeps your information organized and searchable making information available at your fingertips.

  • Easy Bookmarks and Notes

    Hyperbook helps to you bookmark interesting websites and annotate them with your own notes. Notes are fully searchable. The bookmarks are added to the browser for easy access. You can get quick preview of websites and information about authenticity of the pages you read

  • Automatic Categorization and Tagging

    Hyperbook automatically categorizes the websites (such as Videos, Social,News, Technology etc. ) and identifies the tags associated with the page

  • Schedule and Organize

    Hyperbook makes information actionable. You can create reminders or schedule information to be posted to social media. Enhance your productivity by better information management. Awesome features like Mind-Maps are coming soon

  • Information network

    Hyperbook is designed to make information sharing in teams easier. You can share information with your network to become a thought leader or discover new stuff by following influencers. Collective intelligence for your organization is made possible

What our users say

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The simplest way to manage your information online

Are you spending more time locating information than acting on the information.
Let Hyperbook manage information for you, so that you can focus on the big picture.

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