Productivity tools for students, researchers, bloggers and writers

Students, researchers , bloggers and writers collect lot of information on the web in form of bookmarks, notes , images and documents. Here are some tools that can help organize these information
Are you sure without using good tools, these information is safe.

Guest post by Bala , Director

These tools will help you to access all the information , when you need them the most

My new addition of tool for authors and researchers is Scrivener. I’m in love with the easyness! It comes with several templates for books already created, like fiction (novels), short stories, script writing, poetry and lyrics, and more, so it’s really easy for creators to use.
The amazing thing about Scrivener is how it lets you to write without distractions. You can literally jump around to various points in your script as you get an idea, collapse chapters and sections at will to clear the mess on the screen, and save time scrolling through hundreds of pages in saved database. There’s even a search feature to make finding something fast and easy

2) Hyperbook
This is my personal manager that stores my information(research, blog reads, stats), organize and also help me share them with my team to trickle down the communication. Totally Insane. Its saves plenty of my time to produce information and reduced my pain of going through bookmarks and try find what you have saved within to read later.
To keep you more in awe, The tool also suggests the best of information of the similar topics you are interested from the cloud. That is a boon for every single writer and researcher. Who doesnt want more accurate information from the web around the word. this tool do that magic.
If the other tools mentioned on top, helps you to create the form, hyperbook help you create the substance within the form. Simple.

3) Diigo
Diigo is a wonderful tool for saving, searching, researching and organising the information a reader gone through.
Its a bookmarking tool with a two click process to read a document later or filter the same for future reference. It helps you to pivot while you browse by automatically closing the current tab when you click on “read later” option

Here is an another well liked reference manager instrument, which helps us to organize our research, colloborate with other fellow researchers online and discover the latest information on same.
This app automatically helps us to create bibliographies.You can also initiate citations with the MS word and open Office Plug-Ins.
This web tool has been popular among researchers and focus group beacuse of its ability to access your papers from anywhere online and also to find relevant papers based on what you are reading.


5) BitLit
BitLit is an app I came across recently, which allows you to get an eBook for a print book you already own, for free or at a discounted price. I love this concept because it promotes reading across formats.
Both print and digital are important and I believe all authors should offer their book in both formats whenever possible.  Right there, BitLit is helping readers like me to enjoy the books they’ve purchased both at home and on the go with minimal extra expense.


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