Hyperbook for Researchers


Information organization tools can greatly help in Research work – whether it is academic research for your thesis or marketing research for new products or competitor research as an entrepreneur.  Hyperbook is  chrome extension helps you to do research better.



Researchers work around their material compositions all day long. It comprises of creative pieces of work, loaded with information and strong data points to represent and support their findings.

Research is of different types and is a very diverse sphere. However, the basic concept of deriving information in the form of data and content material remains constant. These days a drastic shift in pattern has been observed from libraries and encyclopaedias to virtual libraries and web-pedias. Tomanage the gruelling life of a researcher, a number of tools and applications are available online.

Hyperbook is one such aid that goes the extra mile to organize, tag and bookmark all that’s important in the web.

Hyperbook and its benefits to researchers:

Information extractor: Every researcher has an expansive load of information bundled up in front of him all the time. It becomes especially impossible to segregate information on the internet. They go through endless web pages, screen various accounts and articles to arrive at the pages of importance. Hyperbook serves as an extractor of information by pulling out all that you need and presenting it to you just when you need to compile all the important pieces together.

Categorizer: Hyperbook helps a researcher categorize the topics he has been running through online for the past couple of months or so. Using its folders feature, it creates them automatically and simultaneously arranges the surfed web pages categorically as you browse. This requires no extra effort or time and all the data gets segregated systematically.

Organizer: This useful and important extension of Google Chrome plays a vital role in organizing all the scattered information in one single space. Web pages read and bookmarked, ongoing browser sessions and other user pages that are of prime importance are organized via tags and folders in a neat manner. This makes quick references possible.

Time saver: These never-ending steps and processes that a research requires cannot be trimmed but can definitely take a slash on time. Hyperbook cuts down the time by half at least or sometimes even more. As the smart browser plays such a significant role in information handling, web page bookmarking, data alignment and more, it saves not only effort but time as well. A smart extension that enables everything swiftly at a click is what every researcher desires.

Research companion: This single-handed store house of information and research pages contains all the data needed at one spot. It makes data retrieval simple and minimizes searches through endless unlabelled pages and files which is essentially a cause of worry to most researchers. A smart companion that does all the secondary and tertiary work for you, while you focus on your research content alone, is what Hyperbook is all about.

Communicator: Once the data has been collated and compiled, the researcher needs to communicate his findings with his fellow researchers and guides before he goes forward with the final step. This is where the ‘share’ feature of Hyperbook proves worthy of installation. It helps in information sharing and easy note-making in order to communicate effectively and wholly with the entire research lot. Discussing step-wise phases of the research is also possible using Hyperbook’s tag and share options. These features make it a communicating tool that helps in exchanging knowledge and information sharing.

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