Hyperbook: New Options for Educators and Students

Meeting the Challenges of Online Learning in the 21st Century

As the wonders of technology continue to develop and expand, tools to manage the vast amounts of data are essential.  Nowhere is this more relevant than in the realm of education where students and teachers alike encounter thousands of search results when entering a single search term.  What to do?  Explore Hyperbook!

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Hyperbook is a extension of Google Chrome that can reduce stress and improve the efficiency of learning and research.
Hyperbook is currently used by GATE-CSE , an online  platform for learning Computer Science with 125,000 members.

Advantages of Hyperbook: 

  • A Way to Simplify: Hyperbook simplifies the archiving and retrieving process when encountering loads of useful information on various webpages. For example, if you search for “climate change” and come up with 10 sites, Hyperbook can help you save and organize your findings from your bookmarks.


  • Speed and Ease: Hyperbook allows for swift and easy transfer of notes.  For example, a teacher can share plenty of youtube videos, online links, references, etc and students just need to refer to the Hyperbook page of the teacher every now and then for updates.


  • Innovative Tools: As students work on projects and assignments, they often research online, encountering vast amounts of information and browsing many webpages.  To streamline this process, making it less overwhelming and more rewarding, Hyperbook offers a binding and bookmarking feature to mark these pages so that they can be read and referred to, later.


  • Interactive Capability: The interactive capability of Hyperbook allows sections of text to be modified during the research process.  An active reader may often wish to highlight words, phrases, or entire paragraphs of a text; with Hyperbook, this is entirely possible!


  • Collaborative Learning: Hyperbook empowers students and teachers to add notes to a text that can then be shared in a network.  For example, a teacher and his/her students can create a group sharing through Hyperbook and can contribute notes as they read the same article.


  • Tagging: When researching and collaborating with others, organization is key. Using the “tag” feature on Hyperbook, students can easily locate webpages that they have visited on previous days.


  • Organization: Hyperbook also reduces stress by automatically organizing online research into folders, categories, and sub-sections.  For example, if a student researches “zebras” and locates 15 webpages of interest, the tag feature can organize the research efficiently.


  • Corporate Training: Hyperbook is also valuable at the corporate level.  Trainers can disseminate information cleanly and clearly by sharing files and folders of work-in-progress with their mentees to allow for the collaborative options of highlighting, tagging, and adding notes described above. HyperBook can also enable trainers to section out pieces of information in files and classify them for easy retrieval.


  • Interested in seeing how Hyperbook can enhance your success as an educator or improve your research/study skills as a student? Check out our app at Chrome Web store.


  • We appreciate your feedback and invite you to send your comments, questions, and ideas for expansion of Hyperbook. Our delight is in delivering tools to you that will allow you to navigate the vast cosmos of the web and helping you to achieve your goals with speed and ease.  To contact us, mail hyperbookapp at gmail or our support team in facebook here.

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