Hyperbook for students and teachers

How does Hyperbook help Students and Teachers



Teaching a student has always involved an immense flow and exchange of information. The conceptual fundamentals being the same, patterns of information passing and knowledge sharing have been evolving with time. A number of teaching aids are used by teachers to provide their students the necessary means of knowledge to make studying easier than ever. Likewise, there are aids for students as well. A number of online enrolments and application downloads have eased out the life of both students and teachers; the more the better. Thus any version of the internet that helps this segment is welcome, especially if it is in the form of an all-in-all extension of Chrome.


Hyperbook and its advantages to students and teachers:

Simplification: An era that is largely predominated by the web resorts to options that make life easy or less complicated than usual. If Hyperbook possesses the quality of simplification of work and listings, it becomes a near mandate to download such a useful extension that aids to make life both simple and as convenient as it gets.  

Knowledge transfer: Teachers use all means of transferring their knowledge to the students. This involves a lot of teaching tools such as teacher’s aids, applications to support and enhance teaching experiences and visual tools to pass on the knowledge in a comprehendible manner. Knowledge is not considered to be transferred till the time it is received by the student. Hyperbook enables this sharing by its feature of adding notes and sending it across to a recipient or group of students.

Learning aids: A teacher today uses power-point presentations and other audio visual means of communication to teach or address a group of students in a classroom. Likewise, students are given homework in the form of presentations, research, projects and assignments that essentially include an endless research on the internet and browsing dozens of web pages all at once. Hyperbook serves as a binding and book marking agent to mark these pages that can be read and referred to at any point of time.

Information sharing: Teaching or learning does not stop with the dissemination of knowledge in the form of a lecture. It reaches it end when the information is translated into a readable format through Hyperbook’s feature of sharing. The highlight of this feature is that notes can be made and quick texts to highlight certain sections can be inserted. This helps both parties gain the best out of group sharing in the form of Public Hyperbook.

Collaborative learning: Hyperbook is a support mechanism to engage in collaborative learning. It serves as a support system for students by easing out their work of dividing and sub-dividing all the information into folders, categories and sub-sections using the necessary tags as and when a student browses a page on the web.  

Corporate training: A teacher and student mode of learning is not confined to schools alone but also professional courses and teams where a mentor needs to disseminate information to his mentees and share files and folders of work in progress with the rest of the team. Hyperbook acts as an organizer that neatly sections out pieces of information and classifies them for easy retrieval. If a teacher trains the students to adopt such lean methods of working, he in turn will pass on the method to his team members, mentees and the likes in the future.

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