Hyperbook for Bloggers

How does Hyperbook help Bloggers?

Guest post by Bala, Director http://brandstory.in/

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Bloggers are all over the web. Their aim is to communicate with readers, voice out their opinions and exchange points of view. With so much help available through internet and mobile apps, bloggers have widgets for idea generation, gaining inspiration and publicizing their blogs. While technology has drastically progressed over the years, it is time to make the switch to something better, faster and smarter. Why should one stick to age old styles and tactics when there are newer modes of communication, translation and information available? Bloggers could use Hyperbook to make their life easy and simpler than they imagine!

Hyperbook and the bloggers of today:

The internet is dominated by bloggers today. With individuals and companies adopting blogging as a means of communication, bloggers are on the rise. This growing demand for blogging calls for tools that help organize blogs and save time. Hyperbook is therefore a very useful Google Chrome extension that can cater to the needs of bloggers in ways more than one:

One stop shop: Hyperbook serves as the focal point of information. Everything related to blogging can be saved in it, by adding web pages, research articles and bookmarked reads on the web. A central point of contact that provides you all the information you need wards off the need for running endless searches at no extra effort.

Organization on the go: As and when a blogger scans through web pages, research material and content on the internet, the information automatically gets organized via Hyperbook. Not just that, categories also get assigned. Thus everything gets systematically segregated and stored for future reference, without the need for tentative and messy drafts.

A companion for all: Irrespective of the type of blogging, Hyperbook is a great companion for all, be it personal bloggers, group bloggers, micro bloggers, corporate bloggers, organizational bloggers, travel bloggers and the likes. Any and every blogger needs a tool like this to stay organized, manage web pages and save time.

Knowledge sharing: The focal point of a blog is interaction and dissemination of knowledge. That is why most bloggers write what they write. Merely writing a blog and leaving it on the web makes no sense. The cycle is completed only when they share and exchange their blogs with others. This is possible in a more efficient manner through Hyperbook’s sharing feature.

Bookmarking: What if the pages you are working on just vanish while you are reading them? What if you have forgotten to bookmark them? What if your web pages crash? Your world comes crashing down! To avoid this, install Hyperbook that automatically bookmarks all the pages to your web for easy access and peace of mind.

Tagging: Bloggers spend most of their time writing and double that time for publicizing their blog. In a world dominated by social media, publicising your blog is of utmost importance. Hyperbook’s feature of tagging is very useful. It finds out the tags associated with each web page you have browsed. Additionally, it aids in bookmarking and easy sharing of notes, especially when you are working on a project that requires exchange of notes for publicizing your content.


Bloggers are web loggers after all and they must make full use of the web space available. By installing Hyperbook and using it to their advantage, they can publicize and manage their blogs in a better and more efficient way, thereby saving time and energy. The time saved can help them to make more and better drafts for the blogs to come. It’s just a matter of a single click to get this extension of convenience through the Google Chrome store.


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