HyperBook: A New Path for Bloggers

HyperBook is a new plug-in / extension of Google Chrome that can make life easier and simpler for bloggers all over the world.  With its user-friendly tools, HyperBook enhances the capabilities of veteran bloggers and help new blogs to be born.

HyperBook and Blogging: 

Blogging continues to flourish as communication online expands, and this explosion of growth in blogging paves the way for a tool that can meet the ever-changing needs of bloggers. Introducing HyperBook!

Advantages of HyperBook: 

  • Consolidation: HyperBook provides a central point of contact where you can save webpages, research articles, YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts, so on and so forth. This can save you plenty of time as you search for what you wish to add to your blog post.  For example, if you research “gluten” and find 50 sources of interest, HyperBook can easily sort your material to see what you would like to insert in your blog.
  • Organization: Once you enter your preferences in HyperBook, the webpages you visit can be organized into categories that you have chosen.  For instance, if you choose the categories of Finance, Politics, History, and Health, watch how HyperBook can systematically organize and store the pages you have visited.
  • Adaptability: Whether you have a group blog, a microblog, a corporate blog, a travel blog, a health blog, or another type of blog, HyperBook is an invaluable companion; it saves you time by saving and organizing your research and the sites you have visited on the web.
  • Knowledge Sharing: HyperBook has a unique sharing feature that makes it easy to share your blog with others. This cross-pollination allows a blog to be more widely read and also for users to locate new blogs more easily.
  • Bookmarking: What if the pages you are working on were to vanish while you were reading them? What if you forgot to bookmark them?  What if your webpages were to crash?  To avoid this possibility, install HyperBook!  It will automatically bookmark and categorize all the pages you have bookmarked for easy access and peace of mind.
  • Tagging: In the world of HyperBook, it’s easy to publicize a blog. HyperBook’s tagging feature identifies the tags associated with each webpage you have browsed.
  • Privacy: HyperBook is aware of privacy concerns and respects the wishes of users to keep data confidential.

Check out HyperBook to experience how it can save you time and energy with your blogging.  Exponential growth in the success of your blog is just a click away…! Did we mention it is absolutely free?

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