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Hyperbook Technology overview

Hyperbook has the following capacities in the backend. 1.  classification  of  URL into categories 2. Identify Tags / topics associated with web page or document 3. Index the contents for quick search 4. Provide

Hyperbook: New Options for Educators and Students

Meeting the Challenges of Online Learning in the 21st Century As the wonders of technology continue to develop and expand, tools to manage the vast amounts of data are essential.  Nowhere is this more

HyperBook: A New Path for Bloggers

HyperBook is a new plug-in / extension of Google Chrome that can make life easier and simpler for bloggers all over the world.  With its user-friendly tools, HyperBook enhances the capabilities of veteran bloggers

Hyperbook for Researchers  Information organization tools can greatly help in Research work – whether it is academic research for your thesis or marketing research for new products or competitor research as an entrepreneur.  Hyperbook is  chrome extension