Hyperbook is a productivity software that  helps in online reading, writing and research
It is a content management system that helps you to manage information on the web.
Hyperbook  chrome extension helps you organize and remember all your information. This page explains how to install  and access hyperbook.  Here is a quick video about various features.


Hyperbook is available on chrome store . To install Hyperbook in your chrome browser, click on Add to chrome button.

Adding Pages to Hyperbook 

 Whenever you come across some interesting pages on internet,
you can click  on the popup icon next to the address bar

Let us add a couple of more links – a youtube video and a facebook post



Viewing your Hyperbook 

Clicking on  the button  “View my Hyperbook” in the popup displays this page – with all your bookmarked pages.

 Clicking on any link shows Quick Preview of the page


Hyperbook automatically assigns  Tags.  You can also modify or add new tags by clicking on the Tags button. Hyperbook also displays  options to delete,  favorite or share the link




Automatic Folders

The  web pages are automatically classified into their folders.  The Smartwatch article is  assigned to folder News, Technology. The youtube video is in Video  folder and facebook post is in Social folder

Content DiscoveryHyperbook helps you to discover new content when you click on  “Related”

Adding Notes to Hyperbook 

You can add notes along when you bookmark a page



Whenever you visit a page that has been added to Hyperbook , you get a notification along with the notes you have taken about that link

Searching your  Hyperbook 



View Timeline

There are lot more features of Hyperbook that makes  online reading easier. Automatic folders,  tagging,  search, note taking, sharing  creating mindmaps etc.